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Friday, September 28, 2012

Always Value your Time

Campaigns and Non-Profits are notorious for undervaluing the time of staff and volunteers. They expect you to work long hours, but also to volunteer for a variety of other projects and events. Be sure to value your time. Put a premium on it. Your time is worth at least $10 an hour, likely more. If a friend asks you to volunteer your time for a project, keep in mind the value of your time. And if you're asked to do work, ask to be compensated. If it's a worthwhile project, more often than not, they have extra money set aside. Your time is valuable.

I was once asked to be a charity bartender for an event. Not only was this uncompensated, but I needed to spend money to be certified beforehand. And there was going to be a spot for cash tips, which would also go back to the charity. I told the fundraiser that I wanted either a portion of the tips or some basic hourly rate. She refused and, frankly, the conversation got hostile. She thought I was trying to milk funds out of her worthy cause. But it was that I valued my time and I didn't want to spend money to work for free, and then solicit tips that would still go to the charity.

One important point here is that your respect is often determined by your wage, rightly or wrongly. If they can get you for free, they'll treat you poorly. If they have to pay you a premium wage, they'll treat you with respect. It would initially seem like the reverse, that people would appreciate people donating their time, but that's never the case. If you'll do something for free, you're often seen as a chump.

Campaigns and Non-Profits think they can always get work for free, and often they're right. But for you, value your time and insist on being treated with respect and compensated accordingly. If they won't pay you for your time especially to do specialized or professional work, it's not worth the effort.

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