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Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama: Pros and Cons for you as a volunteer

Re-Elect Barack Obama for President
campaign: US President
current polls: 47% nationally

The likely scenario is for the President to be re-elected. He's ahead in many states, and seems to be closing up states Romney would need to win, like Ohio. If you want to help out and get involved, and still haven't approached the campaign yet, it would be best if you were in a swing state. When a campaign feels inevitable, many people come to help out, so you might be in a crowded field of volunteers. Many people on national campaigns are looking for DC jobs and 'patronage' positions - but those are going to go to the people who were with the campaign longer than just the last 60 days.

Regardless, if you have the time and Obama is your candidate of choice, you should do it. Try to find the senior people and get to know them, impress them. Show up to scheduled events on time and stay late. If they trust you with anything, even a small task, do it exactly as they asked and do it well.

There's a lot of chaos on any campaign in the last few weeks, so you want to be a reliable, hard-working person for the senior staff. They don't want ideas that might be a distraction, like a major change in strategy, or ideas out of their control, such as some idea on foreign affairs or even something in a different state. Right now, they want to finish identifying voters and turning them out. Focus all your efforts and attention on that.

You can call, email and signup as a volunteer on the website, but the best thing is always just to walk into the nearest office during normal business hours.

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