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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cleaning up a campaign PC or laptop

When you leave a campaign or an organization, you will inadvertantly leave behind personal files, photos, things that you shouldn't have at work, but ended up there anyway. Files on your computer can become something of a liability. Perhaps you left behind an offer contract to your next job, or you left some personal emails that are embarrassing. It's easy to let your personal life slip into your professional one, and difficult to keep the discipline necessary to separate the two.

So, if you have notice that you're about to leave a job, what are your options for cleaning off your computer so that you don't leave those electronic files behind?

Over at Slashdot, they give some good general advice, for many different platforms. The tech geeks over there seem to repeatedly recommend this program to delete any files that may have been on your machine, D-Ban.

Make sure you make a backup of all your files. And make sure you make a disc of all of the campaign's documents and data for them to have before you do this. You don't have the right to destroy files that they'll need later. But to make sure that your other information is safe and secure, to make sure that your personal files are completely off that machine, use DBan and get rid of those files before you leave the workplace.

Delete your personal files, give your employer a disc with all of the company files on them. Don't leave your personal files on a computer when you leave the organization.

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