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Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't write out important things on napkins

When you're at a bar, you have a great idea while talking with someone else, and you want to take some notes. Normal people don't bring extra sheets of paper to a bar, so you end up writing out a great idea on a napkin.

Famously, the "Laffer Curve" was explained over a napkin. It's a great anecdote, but it's also probably one of the few times that's worked. Because when you write something on a grocery store receipt, it's tough to take it seriously.

You are going to great lengths in your political career to come across as sharp and sophisticated. So don't let yourself look like a slob when you write out a great idea on a receipt tag from the cleaners.

Keep a set of business cards in your purse or wallet, write out ideas on your business card. It's classy and seems cool. It's miles away better than writing it on old crumpled paper, trash you had in your pocket.

Important things seem trivial and unimportant when written out on pocket trash.

Also, if something is really important and confidential, make sure you don't leave any paper trails lying around. Take all receipt copies, invoices, faxes, papers, and shred them yourself. You don't want someone walking off with something important. Don't leave anything to chance or 'coincidences' - make sure you've cleared away any possibility that a rogue piece of paper might hurt your campaign or candidate.

If you have a great idea, if you're making a serious plan, don't relegate it to whatever piece of pocket trash you have handy in a wallet or purse. Keep it classy and write it on one of your spare business cards that you should have with you at all times.

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