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Friday, November 2, 2012

Election tricks are all danger, no reward

It's tempting to think that tricks like this can get you out of an election. 

Put a friend's name on the ballot, make sure they get the primary, coast into office without serious opposition. Sounds great!

But when you act like a crook, expect the authorities to come after you. In this instance, the Michigan state officials are looking for a way to find this illegal. God help the guy if the feds get involved.

Don't try to use backhanded and clever tricks in an election. You can win with hard work. You can win by being honest. You never need to risk your career for stupid stunts like this. If you win, it'll come out eventually and you'll hurt your reputation. If it gets exposed, you'll lose and still hurt your reputation.

Don't use tricks like this, you'll only end up hurting your own career.

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